Creeting Churches Project

Image2The Creeting Churches Project was established in 1998 and thanks to a grant from the Millennium Commission, plus support from Suffolk ACRE and Suffolk County Council, it has been possible to carry out Historical research and Geophysical surveys to locate the lost churches of Creeting All Saints and Creeting St Olaves.

At one time there were three parishes, each with their own church, within the bounds of what is now known as Creeting St Mary.  The Church of St Mary is still standing and in regular use but the other two churches have now gone leaving no obvious remains.  The aim of the Creeting Churches Project is to trace as much information as possible about these lost churches.  Historical records have been studied and site investigations carried out to determine their locations and to discover the part that they played in the local community.

The sites of the lost Churches are now marked by display boards giving information about the Churches and including an artist’s impression of what they might have looked like.

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