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Local Businesses

Listed below are local businesses in and around Creeting. Please do support our local business community! If you would like to feature, please email: csmnews@yahoo.com


Name Address Tel Web / Email Trade
The Highwayman PH Norwich Road, CSM, IP6 8PD 01449 760369 www.thehighwayman.net Public House & Restaurant
Material Change Flordon Road, CSM, IP6 8ND 01449 722318 www.material-change.com  Recycling and Green Waste
Alder Carr Farm Alder Carr Farm, CSM, IP6 8LX 01449 720820 www.aldercarrfarm.co.uk
Farm and Farmshop
Courtyard Cafe Alder Carr Farm, CSM, IP6 8LX 01449 723359


Lunches and light refreshments
Alder Tree Ice Cream Alder Carr Farm, CSM, IP6 8LX 01449 721220 www.alder-tree.co.uk
 Ice cream manufacturer and wholesaler
Paddy Peters Ceramics Alder Carr Farm, CSM, IP6 8LX   paddy@paddypetersceramics.co.uk Pottery
Suffolk Cycle Breaks Bradfield Hall Barn, Alder Carr Farm, CSM, IP6 8LX 01449 721555 www.cyclebreaks.com Cycle Breaks
William & Herbert     shop&william&herbert.co.uk Vintage Items
Sugar Craft Alder Carr Farm, CSM, IP6 8LX 01449 720856    
The Country Studio Alder Carr Farm, CSM, IP6 8LX   countrystudio54@yahoo.com  
J Breheny Contractors Ltd Flordon Rd, CSM, IP6 8NH 01449 720282 www.breheny.co.uk Building Contractors and Engineers
Ava Rose     fiona.simmonds19@gmail.com Gifts, Small Furniture
Staines & Golding Ltd Flordon Rd, CSM, IP6 8NH 01449 720805 www.stainesandgolding.co.uk Generator hire and sales
East Central One Creeting House, All Saints Road, CSM, IP6 8PR 01449 720988 www.eastcentralone.com Record Producers
The Car Body Shop All Saints Road, CSM, IP6 8NG 01449 723006   Car Bodywork Repairs
Grasshopper Lawncare Kettle Lane Creeting St. Mary IP6 8LL 01449 723209 www.grasshopperlawncare.co.uk Gardening
Creeting St Mary C of E V A Primary School All Saints Road Creeting St. Mary IP6 8NF 01449 720312 www.creetingstmary.suffolk.sch.uk School / Education Services
Poundfield Products Ltd The Grove, CSP, IP6 8QG 01449 723150 www.poundfield.com Concrete Products
Worknet Solutions Ltd St Olave House, All Saints Road, CSM 01449
www.qwic.co.uk Website Development
PBS Plumbing & Bathroom Servcies St Mary’s Road, CSM, IP6 8LZ 01449 720095 or 07870 989422   Plumber
 Luke Barker Ltd All Saints Road. CSM IP68NF 


   Brickwork & Construction